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Megan grew up in Taloyoak, a predominantly Inuk town of about 1000 people. Megan comes from a family of the community where her grandfather, Ernie Tusaaji Lyall, helped establish the Hamlet, formerly known as Spence Bay, in his many capacities including being an interpreter, a member of the RCMP, the Hudson Bay Post manager and a transporter. Megan’s grandmother and whom she is also named after, Nipisha Lyall, was mother to 13 children and was a respected woman in the community who also happened to be a traditional seamstress. Megan has vast ancestral roots and family ties in Nunatsiavut, Nunavik and Nunavut. Family is important to Megan, and she cares deeply about the well-being of her peers, family and territory and she believes in continuing to strengthen our families in Nunavut, for example, through the preservation of the strengthened Canada Child Benefit.

In Taloyoak, like in many Nunavut communities, Megan saw families struggle to make ends meet, and it instilled an early belief in helping those in need. As an Member of Parilament, Megan looks forward to continuing to build, along with Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team on strong government initiatives like the Canada Child Benefit, and the National Housing Strategy, and the Arctic Policy Framework to build a healthier and more prosperous Nunavut.

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